Vogue 8379 – Wrap Dress

There’s not much I can say about Vogue 8379 that has not already been said. At last check there were 138 reviews for this pattern on PatternReview.com. It made Pattern Review’s Best Pattern list in 2007 & 2008 as well as being in the Hall of Fame in 2009. This is my favorite wrap dress. I’ve made it twice. Here is my most recent version.

Pictured below trying to replicate the pose from my first dress. Splotchy sun spots included for effect 😉




I made the following changes to this pattern:

  • Lengthened bodice by 1″
  • Removed the seam allowance for the center back skirt and placed it on the fold

The first time I sewed this dress I did not make any changes to the width of the skirt. This time I took 12 inches out of the bottom width of the skirt. I folded the pattern by 3 inches at the bottom of each side seam and tapered off to nothing to right below the hip.

This pattern makes use of facings for the bodice neckline. Most wrap dresses I’ve made call for either binding or turning under the edge and stitching. Note: I have used the binding method when the pattern suggests turning under the edge. I prefer using binding as I am able to use the binding to cinch up the neckline by cutting it an inch or two shorter depending on the stretch. This prevents any gaping. Back to talking about the facings. The first time I made this I had issues with my facings wanting to pop out. I applied some two-sided fashion tape between the dress and the facing. That solved the problem. I’m not having that issue with this dress. The facings stay in place. I’m not sure what is different. Both dresses are made with ITY knit of similar stretch and weight. The ITY knit for my most recent dress was purchased at Tissus Mode De L’Orme in Granby, Quebec. I always load up on fabric at this store when I go visit friends and family in the region.

Here’s a picture of the dress I made a few years ago. It still makes regular appearances in public.This was the first wrap dress I ever made. It gave me the confidence to add wrap dresses to my sewing repertoire.


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6 thoughts on “Vogue 8379 – Wrap Dress

  1. Beautiful Lucy, Do you put a snap at the front neck line for your wrap dresses? Do they stay in place when you sit? I am a beginner so I have some silly questions. Thanks Lucy.

    • Thank you. I’ve never put a snap to keep wrap dresses closed. I have sometimes used 2-sided fashion tape but most of the time if the pattern fits well such as Vogue 8379, there’s no need for anything to hold the front closed.

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