Vogue 9006 – Posing In The Rain


It’s raining here on the Central Coast of California and that’s a good thing. My issue is that my completed projects are stacking up as I’ve been waiting for some appropriate photo taking weather. I finally broke down and just went with the weather we have.

I’ve decided to start off the year by filling in some gaps in my closet. I’m in need of solid colored tops. I am attracted to prints when I’m shopping for fabric. The problem with that is they are not as versatile as solids. One top I realized I needed was a simple “shell” to wear with suit jackets or cardigans. Vogue 9006 View A had some nice seaming details and a draped front neckline that caught my attention.


My sister gave me this rayon shantung that had been in her stash FOREVER. The fabric is not sheer but definitely not opaque so I decided to sew French seams throughout. The pattern called for a 1.25″ hem. I wanted a narrow hem so I shortened the pattern by 1″ as this top is plenty long. I omitted the armscye facings and chose to go with bias binding instead. Another change I made was to cut the back on the fold. The center seam would be great if you wanted to create some shaping.


I also raised the armscye by 3/4″. I read reviews about this pattern that mentioned an issue with the armscye being too big. I used a pattern piece from a blouse I love to make the change.


The biggest change I made was to cut the front center piece on the bias. I came to this conclusion after sewing my first version of this top. Oh, did I forget to mention the first top that went straight to Goodwill once it was finished? The front center piece is cut on the fold. I never gave it a second thought until I tried on the top and the drape was weird. I stared at it and fiddled with it and then it dawned on me, the front needs to be on the bias!  Luckily I had enough fabric to cut another top.

The pattern includes two other tops. Both have fronts that are cut on the bias.


This top serves its purpose by filling a void in my closet. I can see a printed silk version in my future. For now I need to focus on solids.


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10 thoughts on “Vogue 9006 – Posing In The Rain

  1. This is a very pretty top. Love all your makes. Did you also modify the depth of the cowl and if so, how? On all the other images I have found, the drop is not as deep. I much prefer V neck tops so this style would be a welcome alternative.

    • Thank you Barbara. I did not modify the depth of the cowl. I cut the front on the bias which is not what the pattern recommends. The bias allowed the cowl to drape freely. My original version with the front cut on the fold (as the pattern suggests) did not drape well at all.

  2. I like this top! I have this pattern and appreciate that you posted you cut the center piece on the bias. I will remember that when I finally get around to sewing this pattern. I always have to raise underarms on most sleeveless patterns, so will keep that in mind also. I love your umbrella!

    • Thanks Sue. The basics are necessary and great to have. I have so many “fun” prints and patterns calling my name that it is challenging to remain focused on those basics.

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