Jalie 2921 – Scarf Collar Top

This is one of those blog posts where there is not much to say that has not already been said in 113 reviews on sewing.patternreview.com. With its ease of construction and stylish results, this knit top continues to please sewists out there.


Jalie 2921

I added 2.5″ to the length of the ties because I planned on making a bow with the ties. As drafted, the ties are fine if you just drape them over one and other but I find the bow a little skimpy without the extra length. On this version I also shortened the front and back by 1.5″.

I love the method of construction for this top. The “Burrito” method used for the tie creates a very professional finish.

My choice of fabric was a rayon/lycra knit with beautiful recovery. I picked this up at Eddie’s Quilting Bee in Sunnyvale lastĀ December.


I’m continuing on my sewing journey to add solid tops to my wardrobe. This particular pattern yields great results in a short amount of time.

I’ve made this top twice before. The sleeveless version was made with leftovers from a previous project. For the brown version, I lengthened and widened the sleeves and added a casing with elastic.

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12 thoughts on “Jalie 2921 – Scarf Collar Top

  1. Gorgeous color, Lucy!! I’m a huge fan of this pattern, too. It’s also the perfect weight and cut to wear under a jacket.

    • Thank you Julie. Yes, it is a great top for layering. It looks good on its own as well as under a jacket or cardigan. The four versions you made for gifts were my inspiration to dig this pattern out again.

  2. All models of this pattern look fabulous and the minor changes you have done seem to add a little om etching to each one you made.

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