Burda 6990 – Funnel Neck Knit Top


I’m still sewing solid colored tops. My beautiful printed fabrics keep calling to me but I must stay strong. One or two more tops and I’ll call it good for now on the solid front. My most recent knit top is a raglan sleeve funnel neck top.

This top came together quickly. The only change I made was to narrow the sleeves by a 1/2″ from the hem to the elbow, tapering to nothing at the underarm seam. My fabric is some kind of medium stretch “wool” jersey blend from JoAnn’s. I was attracted to the color.

I particularly like the shape of this top. It is not too tight and not too loose. It looks great tucked in or worn over pants/skirts.


Burda 6990 offers five different necklines and two lengths. The pattern is rated as “Super Easy” and I must agree.  It is a great basic pattern that delivers wonderful results. We can all use some of those in our stash.


Gratuitous picture in front of a giant redwood just because.


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