Simplicity 8014 – Brown Denim Shirt-Dress


I have always liked shirt dresses. My very first shirt dress was a denim shirt dress that I purchased at 17 years old with my baby sitting money. I loved that dress. Now that I sew most of my clothes I’ve been looking for the “perfect” shirt dress pattern. I may have found it in Simplicity 8014.

I’ve had this brown denim in my stash for a while. I bought a printed cotton to use for the inner collar stand and cuffs as well as the sleeve placket. I figured the brown would need a little something to give it some oomph.  Using a print for the inner cuff creates interest when I feel like unbuttoning the cuffs and flipping them up.


Once I had all of my fabric on-hand I had to decide what options I was going to sew. I chose to go with the shirt-tail  hem  and the long sleeves. I also chose to sew the tab inside the sleeve which allows me to roll my sleeves up when not buttoned down.

Even the back is cute on this dress.


I lengthened the dress by 2″ and added one button to the front because of the added length. Can you tell that I’m happy with my dress?


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18 thoughts on “Simplicity 8014 – Brown Denim Shirt-Dress

  1. Hi Lucy , I saw that you made a shirt dress simplicity 8014 with buckled belt (Self fabric) .where can I learn to make buckled belt? What kind of kit and where did you order ? Happy New Year , Lucy. Always enjoy learning from your very helpful reviews. Khine

    • Hi Khine, Unfortunately I have not been able to find kits of belting and matching buckles. They used to be sold as kits but I have not seen them sold this way in years. I purchased the belting and buckles separately years ago. I don’t remember when I found them. I do remember purchasing the buckles from a different vendor than the belting. As far as learning how to make the buckled belt, I searched online on how to make the belt. The buckles come with instructions and a pattern for covering them with fabric. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

  2. That is a lovely story about your first shirt dress. Mine was soft tobacco brown cord! And I loved it. Your new one is a winner too!

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