Jalie 2787 – Blending In With Murals In The Mission District


My new Jalie top blended in well with this lovely mural at the Women’s Building in the Mission District in San Francisco. We headed to San Francisco today and I wore my latest project, Jalie 2787. Whenever I want a quick and satisfying project I turn to Jalie tops.

Here’s my criss-cross top in front of a more subdued background:


The fabric is an ITY knit from my stash. I kept digging it out but was never sure what to make with it. After a couple of years I finally settled on this pattern. I used the sleeve from Jalie 2806. The sleeve for Jalie 2787 was a bell sleeve which I find nice but I did not picture it with this print.

Here’s a picture taken while walking in the neighborhood. I’m wearing my Eleonore jeans for the second time in a week. I love these pants.


My husband and I regularly go to San Francisco but had never been to the Mission District. We were fascinated with all the beautiful murals. The area is also know for some wonderful restaurants. Here is a picture of part of the mural on the Women’s Building without me standing in front of it. The picture does not do it justice.


While we were in San Francisco we stopped by Britex. My husband took a picture of me checking the stretch on a fabric to see if if qualified for a pair of Eleonore jeans. It did! I forgot my glasses so I had to borrow his.



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