Little Tailoress Emmeline Tee


One of my sewing friends recommended the Emmeline Tee from little tailoress. I’m always up for trying a new Indie pattern. The pattern describes this as an understated dartless tee with three versions for knits or wovens. The quality of the paper pattern is very nice and the instruction booklet is very well done. This would be a great pattern for  beginners.

Emmeline Tee

I like the shape and length of this tee. I made view 1 size XS straight up i.e. no changes. The top is “boxy” so I chose a very lightweight knit. The pattern comes with two pattern pieces for the neck binding; one for knits and one on the bias for wovens.


I’ve always enjoyed sewing clothes for work or special occasions. I used to buy most of my casual clothes because I was not inspired to sew simple tops. Once I started sewing my casual clothes I discovered that I like mixing up simple projects with more time consuming projects. Sometimes a simple top is just what I need to have a sense of accomplishment before tackling a more challenging piece.


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