Me Made May 2016 – Wrap Up

I did it! I wore at least one me-made piece of clothing every day in May EXCEPT for the day I was home sick. I’ve been curious about Me-Made-May for a couple of years. I wondered if I could make the commitment to wear something me-made every day for a month AND document it. The trick was going to be getting ready for work about a half hour earlier than normal on weekdays so my husband could take my picture before he headed off to work. Every morning I wondered what the neighbors were thinking as they drove by our house while I stood in our yard motionless with my hands on my hips.

Pictures of my projects are sorted by year on my computer. I enjoyed looking up the pattern number for my daily selection so I could add the company name and number to my Instagram picture. It made me realize that I keep my clothes for quite a while by most people’s standards. Purposely choosing a me-made piece of clothing every evening made me realize how much I love my me-made wardrobe.

I enjoyed seeing what everyone else was wearing. It was fun to know I wasn’t the only person wearing something I made that day. There were people all over the world doing the same thing and we were all sharing our me-mades with each other. So thank you to Zoe at So Zo…What do you know? for getting us organized and going. I look forward to participating next year.  Here are my 30 days of Me-Made-May 2016:



8 thoughts on “Me Made May 2016 – Wrap Up

  1. Congratulations! I’m not surprised that you could do it — due to your amazing productivity. But to have all such awesome garments . . . well, that’s an accomplishment!

  2. Thank you for listing all your MMM in one spot including referencing the pattern #. I always enjoy your reviews on Sewing Review and now following you as well with your blog and on Instagram. Your sewing efforts always give me a jolt of creativity and help spur me on when I’m lagging.

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