McCall’s 7323 – Knit Top


On a recent trip to Quebec I stopped by my favorite fabric store, Tissus Mode De L’Orme in Granby. I found this striped knit. It was a 1.5 meter remnant. I liked the colors and the irregular stripes. While going through McCall’s patterns I came across this pattern:

McCall's 7323

Whoa! Could this be my fabric? The colors of the stripes were different but it sure reminded me of my fabric. I was elated to confirm it was my exact fabric in a different colorway AND I had enough to make the top as pictured.


The top looked super easy. After all it only has four pieces. The pattern has you turn the neck edge by 5/8″ and hem. I cut a binding out of my knit to finish the neck. That made a total of five pieces. Still super manageable. Before getting to the “fun” part here’s another picture of my finished top. Keep reading to find out how I wound up with mismatched stripes on the front toward the bottom left.


I cut the top part of the front on the crossgrain as indicated on the pattern. When I came to match up the bottom pattern piece to the top piece I could not get the stripes to match. I assumed the stripes would match up at a 90 degree angle.  I had not noticed on the pattern picture that is not the case. The pattern piece also has a slight curve to it so no matter how much I tried to match my stripes the bottom left stripes were never going to match. I placed a paper on the pattern where the seam starts curving away from my ruler.  I could have compensated for all of this had I not already cut out my top piece. One reviewer on encountered as issue matching stripes as well. It was validating to read her review.


I spent the TWO HOURS trying to get the stripes to match up. It HAD to work. The pattern company got it to work so why couldn’t I?!!! I finally made sure that the most visible stripes matched and decided to live with the mismatched bottom left. The top is “flowy” so the misaligned stripes are not obvious. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

The top was easy to construct and now that it is finished I like it very much. The jeans pictured are my Jalie Eleonore jeans. They are in heavy rotation in my wardrobe.


Playing around with my photographer.  He likes to make me laugh.



20 thoughts on “McCall’s 7323 – Knit Top

  1. Excellent top, like the “design feature” solution. It looks adorable on you. I did a muslin on this top and looks like it will fit but I’m not looking forward to trying it with stripes. I agree about the neck treatment.

  2. that is strange that the stripes don’t match – although I don’t even notice it in the actual garment. very cute top!

  3. So cute, don’t sweat it. You might try Steam-a-Seam (applied to wrong side, close to seam allowance) to force the match up of the stripes on the curve before sewing. I saw this “trick” in Palmer/Pletsch’s knit book, now obviously you can’t do it on things that need the stretch in that area since it stabilizes the seam, but worth a try on things like this where there is wearing ease incorporated. I think you did a great job with what you did (I didn’t notice until I read your review so fooled me) and perfect fabric choice again! : )

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