McCall’s 7319 – Maxi Dress


I love maxis! They scream summer to me. Maxis are definitely something that I have more of in my closet because I sew. I don’t think I would own as many if my closet was filled with mostly RTW garments.


My latest maxi is McCall’s 7319. It nearly wound up a wadder through no fault of the pattern’s. The crossover front pieces are gathered and end at the sides approximately 4″ below the waist. I did not pay attention to this even though I had it well marked. I ended the gathers at the waist. This made for a lot of gathering in a much smaller area than designed.  Once the dress was sewn I tried it on and immediately realized my mistake. Ugh! I spent one evening undoing 3-thread serger stitching AND a knit stitch without making any holes in fabric. The following evening was spend re-gathering and sewing. I’m glad it worked out because I’m very happy with the final result.


The fabric is an ITY knit from my stash. I don’t know how long it has been in there or where it came from. The details of the dress don’t come through well in the pictures. Here are the line drawings from the pattern:


Now all I need is an invitation to a summer party.


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21 thoughts on “McCall’s 7319 – Maxi Dress

  1. I’m about to make this pattern, but I’m a little nervous about the sizing. Did you make yours with any positive or negative ease?

    A similarly constructed same material knit shirt that fits me very well measures as having negative ease, so I think I will make a smaller size than the pattern says I should.

      • Thanks, Lucy! I wanted to ask someone about this after reading the pattern info. My body measures closest to size 16, but the finished garment measurements are going to be too big, especially in the waist. Five inches of positive ease is way too much! I’m probably going to end up make a 14, with the waist of a 10.

  2. Wow, your maxi dress is just beautiful and I love the floral fabric, you wear it well. Based on your review I will put this pattern on my to sew list. Thanks for the heads up on the markings. I follow Rhonda Buss’ blog and I will be sure to follow yours as well, love your style.

  3. really cute – I have been wondering about this pattern. I like your version with all one fabric versus. their envelope example with the two colors. perfect for summer.

  4. I like this maxi dress! It looks stunning on you. I have eyed this pattern several times and glad you wrote that the gathers go further down the torso than at the waist. I kept thinking that was a lot of fabric!

  5. This looks fantastic! I have a question – on you this looks like the ruched side panels come to a good spot, but in the picture on the pattern they are a bit less flattering. Did you adjust the final placement at all during your repick/resew process?

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