Burda Style 02-2016-123 – Scuba Knit Top


I purchased a one meter remnant of scuba knit at Tissus Mode De L’Orme in Granby, Quebec while on vacation this past summer. I had never made an entire garment with scuba knit and was not sure how I would feel about it but I was attracted to the print and wanted to give the fabric a try.

I was not inspired by any of my patterns so I sat down to go through my Burda Style magazine binder. Binder? Yes, I make a photocopy every month of the two pages depicting the line drawings of the patterns in the magazine. I find that this makes reviewing the patterns easier. I’m often inspired by the lines of the pattern which are often more visible in the drawings than the pictures.

I completely missed #123 in the February 2016 issue but when I saw the line drawing I dug out the issue and knew this is what I wanted to sew with my scuba knit.



Finding this pattern was timely because Shams, who blogs at Communing With Fabric, recently had a blogpost about J.N. Zipper in South San Francisco. I took a look at their retail website but found it challenging to navigate. I figured out what I wanted and sent their customer service an email. They were very responsive. I placed my order via email and contacted them to give them my credit card information. Click here to read Shams’ blogpost about J.N.Zipper. She stopped by J.N. Zipper in-person and took some great pictures

The pattern calls for a 14″ separating zipper and has you shorten it to the length required for your size. I lengthened the top by 1.5″. I added 0.5″ at the waist to the upper piece and 1″ to the bottom of the lower piece. I ordered a 14.75″ #3 separating zipper with an open teardrop pull.


The design is simple but has some nice features such as the back neckline. The pattern is well drafted and came together well.


You can see in the photo below that my bra is visible. As designed this top has a very low armscye. img_1216

I enjoyed sewing scuba knit and would do so again if I come across an interesting print and the right pattern.

It feels wrong to end my blogpost with my back to you so here’s another picture of the front of my new top.



12 thoughts on “Burda Style 02-2016-123 – Scuba Knit Top

  1. Cute top, I like your fabric. Mine is in progress and I’m also using a scuba, however, contrary to what I have read that others find it very easy to sew scuba, I’m having problems sewing it.I’m not sure if it’s my machine (I have a basic Brother, but it’s pretty new) or the fabric (Nicole Miller Scuba from Joann) or my needle, can you tell me what type of needle you used and maybe the tension if you remember? That will be very helpful. Thank you!

    • Thank you Janette. I think I used #90 Stretch needle. As for my machine tension, I don’t know. My machine regulates the tension and I rarely have to change anything. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful Good luck with your top.

    • Hi Rianna, Yes, I think you could to a certain extent. It might change how the sleeve fits in the front depending on how you make the adjustment but it’s worth a try.

  2. Nice top. I have it drafted out but haven’t as yet taken the plunge of cutting it out. Congratulations on your first scuba make. It really looks good on you.

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