Vogue 9166 and the Winner of The Tunic Bible Giveaway


Before I tell you about my first project for Fall 2016 I need to make an important announcement. The winner of The Tunic Bible by Sarah Gunn and Julie Starr is (drum roll please): Amy Mayer. Congratulations Amy! I hope you enjoy the book and all it has to offer as much as I do. Thanks to everyone who commented on the blog for your kind words about my tunics and for participating in the contest.

Back to our featured item, Vogue 9166 – Color Blocked Dress.


This pattern is a VERY EASY VOGUE and I must concur. There is nothing complicated about this dress. What you see is what you get. I chose to fully line my dress. I did this by re-creating the dress in black and white lining and basting it to the neckline prior to sewing the neck binding. The dress is supposed to have a shaped hemline. I wanted a straight hemline so I cut the front and back straight at the longest part of the FRONT.


I wanted to wear the dress with tights. I measured the length and decided I was going to shorten the dress by 3″ when I got back to my sewing the following evening. I even wrote a note to myself: “Cut 2 inches and make 1 inch hem”. When I came back the following evening I didn’t look at my note (Why would I? I don’t need no stinking note). I grabbed my scissors and proceeded to cut 3″ off the bottom of the dress. When I was about 90% finished cutting the hemline it hit me. Egad! What have I done?!!! An inch may not seem like a lot but it makes a big difference on the hemline of a dress or skirt. I was so upset with myself. I knew the dress would be fine and wearable but I hate when I do something as silly as this. There are so many things that can go wrong that are out of my control that whenever I mess up on a simple step I wonder if  I’m worthy of the title “sewist”. I rated my Skill Level as Intermediate on Pattern Review.com. I’m thinking they need a new category: Dork!

The fabric was from my stash. It is a mid-weight woven with some stretch. To get the color blocking to match at the sleeves and dress I basted the sleeves in place AND  used Steam-A-Seam. It worked great as the colors match perfectly at the seams on the sleeves, front and back.



I finished this dress a couple of weeks ago and wanted to get the pictures taken for my blog. My fashion photographer and I waited until later in the day when it cooled down to 85 degrees Fahrenheit to head out picture taking. Yup, lined dress, tights and booties in 85 degrees. This was one of these time when it was better to look good than feel good.

26 thoughts on “Vogue 9166 and the Winner of The Tunic Bible Giveaway

  1. This looks so much better than both the pattern illustration!
    Your little boo-boo was just a glitch, and it worked out anyway, You entire outfit ROCKS. I never would have given this pattern a second look until I ran across this.

  2. I will be attending a formal wedding in December 2016. The formal reception (black attire ) is on Day 1, the l wedding is on Day 2 (blue attire) and brunch is scheduled for Day 3. For Day 1, I was looking for a color block shift dress and I was luck enough to find you! I wanted something simple yet chic and I have to say you look so classy and elegant! Your photos were incredibly helpful in helping me decide on this particular dress as well as the revisions I’d like to make. I am 5′ 9″, so I’ll make the dress just below knee length, and I think I’ll make the back opening just a little longer.
    Thanks again and keep on sewing! 🙂

  3. Great looking dress! I purchased this pattern when on sale and yet to sew it. I like the idea of wearing it with tights. This is great looking dress on you and love the pop of color with the tights!

  4. I concur with everyone above. The length is great with tights, and this dress looks fabulous on you. I am much impressed with your block matching.

  5. Great dress! It’s very striking, especially with the pink tights. And we all have the “how dumb could I be moments” – the main thing is just to make the mistake work for you. You’ve certainly done that!

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