Burda 6847 – Double-Knit Jacket


Living on the Central Coast of California requires dressing in layers. I’ve never been good at layering my clothes. I come from the South Eastern part of Quebec where I might have to carry a cardigan or wear a warmer coat depending on the time of the year. I never had to deal with a difference of 35 degrees Fahrenheit within one hour while driving from San Jose to a friend’s house along the coast in Santa Cruz in the middle of the day.  I have trouble wrapping my head around experiencing dense fog and sunshine within a short distance. People around here are pros at layering. They have all kinds of jackets that they seem to whip out at a moment’s notice. I’m trying to remedy the situation by sewing more jackets. I’ve had Burda 6847 on my list to sew for a couple of years.


I bought this printed double-knit at Tissus Mode de l’Orme in Granby, QC a couple of years ago with this jacket in mind.  I used a ponte knit from my stash for the collar and facing.


I lengthened the jacket by 2″. I’m 5’7″ and I wanted to be able to wear this with some of my longer tops. The pattern calls for a 30″ two-way separating zipper. I ordered a custom 32″zipper from JN Zipper. Their customer service is excellent.


I like the princess seams. I think they give the jacket a great shape.


Last weekend my fashion photographer, aka my husband, and I attended a wine event at a local winery. I wore a knit tunic (Vogue 8950) and leggings (Papercut Patterns Ooh La Leggings). The weather was too warm for a jacket but I brought it along to take pictures for my blog. I received compliments on my tunic. This happens fairly often. I normally just say thank you but when I’m with my husband I cringe while waiting for him to tell the person that I made whatever piece of clothing that is receiving attention. Over the years I’ve told him not to mention to people that I sew my clothes. He generally respects my wishes but sometimes he just can’t help himself. I can tell that it is difficult for him to keep “our secret”.  He is proud of my accomplishments and feels the need to share with everyone. I was wondering if I was the only sewist who selectively tells people she sews her clothes. I would love to hear what other sewists do when faced with people complimenting their me-mades. Do you simply say thank you or do you mention that you made what you are wearing?


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23 thoughts on “Burda 6847 – Double-Knit Jacket

  1. I see I’m late in the game commenting, I hope you see this Lucy:) That’s a beautiful jacket, looks perfect for our all-over-the-place weather here in Nova Scotia too:) I had to laugh at your husband, lol. Mine takes my photos too. I don’t like to draw too much attention to my makes but my husband thinks I should tell people if they comment on something I made myself. I usually just say thank you if it’s a stranger, but if it’s someone I know I’ll tell them I made it:)

  2. Fabulous jacket on you and these are really your colors! In regard to revealing that I made a garment I’m wearing, I usually share this detail only with friends of mine — unless someone asks me where I bought the garment. Then it’s fun to blow them away by telling them it was my own creation. I see no real reason to share this with relative strangers; I think it could come across as fishing for compliments. Whether others know that I made a garment is irrelevant to the pleasure I myself feel in knowing I made something that others admire. But sometimes my husband, too, blurts out that I made the item, and I think that’s fine because it comes across as pride in his wife, and who could knock that?!

  3. Love this post! When someone is cuckoo over something I’ve made I usually say, “Thank you so much, it was made to measure, I have a FABULOUS dressmaker!” ha! 🙂

  4. Love this jacket! I had same fabric and used it as part of color blocked dress; I love seeing it as this jacket. My DH does the same thing and I finally accept it as his way of saying he is proud of me. Lots of people where I work know I sew and when they see something new they immediately ask if I made it. I am better at accepting the compliment than I use to be. We really should be proud of our skills,

  5. Perfect fit on the jacket: looks fab. Your husband sounds exactly like mine, and I sound exactly like you in my response! I find it embarrassing and I don’t mention to people I have made something. Funny huh?!

  6. cute casual jacket, and I know just what you mean about layers. the colors of the jacket and top look great on you. I guess I do always say I made my clothes if someone comments. why not – I enjoy the reactions 🙂

  7. Lucy, I love your jacket and your tunic! I typically say thank you when someone compliments my clothing and like your husband, mine likes to tell others I made it. My co-workers and friends know I sew and now I usually get asked, “So, I suppose you made that too?”

  8. This is a fabulous jacket! I will have to find this pattern. I have an Eileen Fisher activewear jacket that is almost identical to this, and I have worn it to death, especially to the gym. As usual, you have done an admirable job with pattern and fabric. I want to be you when I grow up!

  9. Lovely jacket!

    I think it is really sweet that your husband wants to brag with your creations! I love telling people that I made something that caught their eyes. It was hard at first to tell people I only do this for myself and my loved ones but now I have no problem telling them that I have a full time job and 2 small kids :). It just takes some practice learning to say no.

    • Thank you Georgia. Glad to ready you comfortable with saying no to folks when asked about sewing for others. I’m fine with saying no but I find it interesting that I have to convince people that sewing for others is not the same as sewing for myself.

  10. Super stylish as usual! You have such great taste and talent in selecting your fabrics and patterns and creating looks that really work for you and flatter you.
    I almost always tell someone that I made whatever they comment on, although I’ve started re-thinking that because a big percentage of the time the person asks me if I sew “for other people.”! I don’t want to get into that so I just say “no, just for myself and family.”
    I think it’s sweet that your husband wants to brag on your skills, but, I can understand why you don’t always want to share that info, too.

    • Thank you Randi. Yes, often telling people you made whatever you are wearing is followed by them asking if you sew for others.I have the same response you do to that question.

  11. Love everything about your jacket and I wonder if it was every in the BWOF magazine?

    If someone compliments me on a garment I say thank you and only if further questions are asked will I say I made it.

    • Thank you Sharon. I’ve been receiving the magazine since 2010 and don’t remember seeing it.

      That is pretty much the approach I take when responding to a compliment on something I’ve made.

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