Naughty Bobbin Patterns – Presto! Popover Top


For me this time of year calls for an easy project that gives me a sense of sewing satisfaction. I’ve had this pattern in my stash ever since it was introduced. My closet can always use new tops so I decided it was time to whip up a Presto Popover top. The name makes it sound like a fun project. I’m here to tell you that it is. I was so pleased with my first top that I couldn’t stop at just one.


This pattern was designed with ITY or similar knits in mind. Because the front is doubled it would be a great pattern for a thin or burnout knit. The black and white floral pictured above is an ITY knit that is on the thin side. I like the way the neck drapes. You can see that the top shown below is a thicker ITY knit and the collar doesn’t drape in the same way. I like that you can achieve different looks depending on the weight of your fabric.

There is a front middle seam on this top. If you have a print that needs matching, Naughty Bobbin Patterns offers a tutorial on how to make a medallion print Presto. Figuring out how to attach the neck to the back caused me a bit of head scratching, but once a fellow sewist sent me pictures of the inside of her finished top I was good to go. The pattern is very well explained but I was having trouble visualizing that step.  I’ve included pictures of the “insides” of my top at the bottom of this post.

Construction of this top is clever and yields a nice clean finish on the inside. This pattern takes about two hours to make from the time you cut it out until it is completed.


The blue top shown below is made with a wool jersey. I like the way you can fold the collar on this version. There will be many many more Presto Popover tops in my closet. It is a stylish basic top that is fun to sew.


Inside front: You have the opportunity to adjust the depth of the V-Neck while sewing the center front seam.


Inside back: Notice the clean finish where the neck is attached to the back. Sewing it reminded me of the burrito method used in other patterns I’ve sewn.


This photo shows off my label. I ordered labels from The Dutch Label Shop about six months ago. Here is why they look the way they do:

  • Pink: Because it is my favorite color.
  • Hearts: Because I love to sew.
  • A La Mode: Translates to fashionable in French. I’m from Quebec and studied Fashion Merchandising in college so I thought that captured a part of my life.
  • Moore Mary font: It is the font used for the Mary Tyler Moore show. My favorite show because I wanted to be her. I would have been torn if they had also offered the font for That Girl.
  • Montreal – San Francisco: I grew up near Montreal and now I live near San Francisco.

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12 thoughts on “Naughty Bobbin Patterns – Presto! Popover Top

  1. Lucy, your versions are great! The border print sleeve is my favorite! I made several of these last year and agree that the burrito method was so brilliant. Such a nice finish on the inside.

  2. I love a knit top with an interesting neckline. These look like they will serve you well in your climate. I like all your versions but the one with the border print is my favorite. Send it my way if you ever get tired of it. 😉

  3. I love your Presto! Tops! It is such a great pattern. I recently made the Presto! for the first time and indulged in quite a bit of head-scratching. It was the front sections that confused me, but once I understood the process, it seemed so obvious. Your fabric choices are great and the tops are very flattering on you.

    I really like how much thought you put into your labels.

    I loved the MTM show and That Girl!

  4. I agree that it is a great pattern and that all your versions look very different due to the different weights and patterns of the fabrics you chose. I had to comment on your label font choice, too! Just today I was thinking of the old series, “That Girl” and thinking how much I loved it when it was on and what a shame it didn’t last longer than it did. For me, as a teen, Marlo Thomas was my ideal. But, i also love Mary Tyler Moore and she had a longer run in her tv career. So, I can sympathize with your being torn between the two ladies! LOL! Thanks for sharing the great pattern and your lovely versions and your inspiration for your great labels.

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