Burda Style 08-2016-121 – Wool Crepe Jacket


This cream colored wool crepe had been in my stash for 26 years. I always knew I wanted to make a suit with it but I never seemed to have the right pattern or the right amount of fabric.s08-16-121There was something about this jacket that caught my attention. I think it reminded me of a jacket I sewed in the 80s, minus the oversized shoulders. I love the shape of the three-piece sleeve. I think it is nicely balanced with the fitted silhouette of the jacket.


I sewed a band to the bottom of the skirt to add some length. I’m wondering if this is what 2017 will be like because this is the second project in a month where I have to add a band to the hem. I used every inch of this fabric. The black wool crepe was leftover from another project.


Moment of truth: The waist is a little snug. This is causing the bust to rise a bit and not fit properly. I’m refusing to acknowledge the pounds I put on during the holidays. I expect them to be gone shortly. The suit is for “stock” so I made it to fit the pre-holiday me. I figure I can easily let out the waist a nudge if I need to wear the suit before I drop the few pounds I gained.


There’s not a lot to say about this project. The pattern is well drafted and I enjoyed sewing the jacket. I’m happy with my suit and glad to have finally sewed this crepe. It was worth the wait.


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8 thoughts on “Burda Style 08-2016-121 – Wool Crepe Jacket

  1. Lucy, this is drop dead gorgeous! I like the jacket and skirt together, very elegant! The jacket has a unique style and looks great on you!

  2. Love your suit Lucy! Very classy in the black and white. Did you pretreat the wool crepe by steaming or will you dry clean? Just curious because I have wool crepe in my stash and would like to use it soon!

    • Thank you Claire. I pre-treated the wool crepe by lightly misting and steaming the fabric but I will also dry clean my suit. I did not pre-treat once when I made a pair of wool gabardine pants because I was going to dry clean them. They shrank even tough they were dry cleaned so now I pre-treat even if I plan on dry cleaning.

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