Burda Style 03-2012-110 – Collarless Coat


It has been a little while since I last blogged. I’ve been sewing but the weather and a family emergency in Quebec have interfered with picture taking. Life is settling down and the weather has been cooperating so this past weekend my fashion photographer and I set out to take pictures of my projects. The first one is collarless coat I made in February.


I wanted a simple black coat that I could wear just as easily with a dress or a pair of jeans.  I was attracted to the simplicity of the coat pictured below in the Burda Style magazine. I had made this pattern a few years ago and liked it very much. I chose a medium weight black wool crepe from Gorgeous Fabrics.

BS 03-2012-110

I was sewing my coat in the evening after dinner as I always do and was pleased with how things were shaping up. One evening I spent a little time checking out Tory Burch’s website and saw the coat pictured below. The buckle detail struck me and I knew I wanted to do something similar for my coat. I had the imitation leather and buckle in my stash so nothing was holding me back from adding this detail to my coat.

Tory Burch Coat

I lined the coat with silk charmeuse from my stash. I didn’t bother matching the plaid on the lining. Now I wish I had 😦


I like the simple lines of this coat.


Below is a picture of the coat I made a few years ago from this pattern.



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19 thoughts on “Burda Style 03-2012-110 – Collarless Coat

  1. I love this coat, Lucy! Classic but versatile. It’s so fun to get inspired by RTW and then make it your own. Did you interface anything during construction? What do you think of this pattern for a first time coat making effort?

    • Thank you Claire. I used horse hair canvas interfacing for the front and back facings. Yes, I think sewing this pattern is a good first coat making effort. The instructions were not very detailed but the coat came together very well.

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