McCall’s 7046 – My Dress of Many Colors


Could this ITY print have any more going on?!!! Animal print, stripes and a million different colors. I loved it as soon as I saw it at Tissus Mode de L’Orme in Granby, QC last summer. I knew it would be a dress but I was not sure what style at the time.


The flounce and side ruching of this dress seemed perfect for the weight of the ITY knit. I was pleased that the “extra” fabric created by the ruching falls nicely across the front and back without adding any bulk or sagging.

I made the following changes to the pattern:

I shortened the sleeves by 3.5 inches. The pattern has you turn and hem the neckline. I chose to add binding instead. It is my preferred method when faced with a “turn and hem” neckline situation. I also sewed the sleeves in flat which changes the order of construction. I lined the dress with tricot because I prefer the way the dress fits with lining.


This is a cute dress that came together without any fuss. It is pretty distinctive and I don’t need too many more dresses with flounces but I can see myself whipping up some knit tops in the future from this pattern.


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16 thoughts on “McCall’s 7046 – My Dress of Many Colors

  1. very pretty and great use of that fabric. I have used that pattern several times and now it is one of my go-to t-shirt patterns, and I added the neckband as well.

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