Style Arc – Cold-Shoulder Knit Top


I’m digging the cold-shoulder trend and have been wanting to sew a cold-shoulder knit top for a while. I decided on Style Arc’s pattern to give this trend a try. The pattern only has three pieces and comes together quickly. For me, the most important part of sewing this top was clearly identifying the sleeve and armhole markings. Getting the sleeves aligned correctly are important for a good fit.

The fabric is a medium-light weight poly-lycra knit with some body.


This top is fun to wear. I have a couple of woven fabrics line up try some other cold-shoulder styles.


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10 thoughts on “Style Arc – Cold-Shoulder Knit Top

  1. I love the fit of this top on you. It’s nice that you can still wear a regular bra, but you get the drama of the exposed shoulder. I also like the overall length being slightly shorter than the ends of the sleeves. It would have looked odd if it were any shorter or longer. So flattering!

  2. This looks fabulous on you! How do you like sewing with StyleArc? I haven’t tried one yet, but I think their styling is terrific.

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