McCall’s 6886 – Panel Print Knit Dress


When I was in high school I worked at La Petite Marmite, a wonderful Swiss restaurant in my hometown of Granby, QC. My job was making salads and general kitchen help. Whenever I visited my hometown I always made a point of dining at the restaurant. The food and service were wonderful. The chef/owner was my first boss and I had fond memories of working there.  After being in business for many years the restaurant was planning on closing on April 8th.  Fortunately I had planned on being in Granby during that time. One week before my scheduled visit emails and texts were sent and we soon had 14 friends lined up for a last meal at the restaurant. This was going to be special evening.

Such an occasion required a new dress, of course. It can be tricky when it comes to weather at the beginning of April in Quebec. The dress was going to have to be appropriate for any type of weather. I didn’t have time to shop for patterns or fabric so it was going to have to be something made from my stash. A quick search yielded this ITY knit panel print purchased last summer at Tissus Mode De L’Orme in Granby.


The fabric required a simple dress so I turned to McCall’s 6886, again.  This pattern is a work horse when it comes to knit dresses. Sleeves have become a big focus this season so I wanted to do something different with the sleeves. I liked the bell sleeve featured on McCall’s 7501 view D. The pattern has raglan sleeves so I took the shape of the sleeve and adapted it to fit McCall’s 6886. I shortened the sleeve by 3/4″.


I lined the dress with tricot to give the dress a little body because the ITY is fairly lightweight. I normally do this when it comes to semi-fitted or fitted dresses in ITY knits.  I  cut out front and back pieces in the lining and attach the sewn front and back inside the dress at the neckline. Wearing a slip would probably have the same effect but I like the feeling of a lined dress. I think I did a good job matching my side seams 😉


I love the challenge of working with panel prints. The length of the dress was determined by the print. Finding a good place in the print to “end” the dress is important.


The evening was full of great food and great moments made even better by the fact that I loved my new dress.


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40 thoughts on “McCall’s 6886 – Panel Print Knit Dress

  1. I will add my “gorgeous” to all the others. You look lovely, a special dress indeed for that sentimental occasion! Well done!

  2. I love how you use this pattern and create such stunning dresses! I like the sleeves with this one! Great looking fabric! Love, love, love this on you!

  3. Great fabric , great placement ,great dress. Like another commenter I wondered how you keep the lining from riding up -thx for the tips

    • Thank you. For the lining, I sew the lining inside of the dress at the neckline. I treat the dress and lining as one and either sew a binding or turn in the allowance by 5/8″ and hem.

  4. Fabulous dress! Love the flared sleeves. The choice of M6886 is perfect to showcase the beautiful fabric design. Well done!

  5. Fabulous dress. I am assuming that by attaching the lining at the neck you do not need to finish the neck otherwise. How do you ensure the lining does not ride up or roll over the top edges of the neckline?

    • Thank you. For the lining, I sew the lining inside of the dress at the neckline. I treat the dress and lining as one and either sew a binding or turn in the allowance by 5/8″ and hem.

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