Sewaholic 1301 – Robson Trench Coat


A few years ago my sewing friend Cindy bought me the Sewaholic Robson trench coat pattern. I had been contemplating buying it because I admired the coats that were popping up on the blogosphere at the time so I was pleased to have the pattern show up at my door. Soon after receiving the pattern, Mood Fabrics had this wonderful double-sided polka dot fabric that was the perfect weight for a trench coat. Both the fabric and pattern sat in my stash patiently waiting their turn at the sewing machine.


The coat is unlined with the seams bound with bias tape (Hong Kong finish). I think it is a great opportunity for using contrast tape. The pattern is very well drafted and everything came together nicely. I sewed a size 6 tapering to a size 4 below the waist.


Below is a line drawing from the pattern highlighting the details that don’t show up well because of my fabric. I like the classic lines of this coat.


This coat will be in my wardrobe for a many years; I love polka dots and I love trench coats.


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20 thoughts on “Sewaholic 1301 – Robson Trench Coat

  1. That is sooooo classy. I love everything about that coat. Lots of detail….. it must have taken quite a while to sew.

    • Thank you Karen. It didn’t really take that long. The pattern is very well drafted and comes with very good instructions. I just followed along and the next thing I knew my coat was finished.

  2. Lucy! I LOVE this, I WANT this, I HAVE to make one! I love this pattern! I made it several years ago in a bright yellow with black piping. Now I must have one in polka dots!

    • Thank you Sue. I admired your yellow one when you made it. I thought the piping was a great idea and will definitely add piping when I made a solid version.

  3. Gorgeous!! Now I want one just like it! I have been looking at trench coat patterns and forgot about this one. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Amazing coat! Love the pattern and the fabric. What a beautiful creation! And yes, you will wear it for years.

  5. How cute! I love a trench coat that isn’t boring and this one certainly fits that bill, while also being classic enough in color and pattern to be very versatile! Another winner!

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