Simplicity 1463 – Striped Batwing Tops


I am not intimidated by matching stripes. It is a sewing skill that I am proud to say I have mastered. Depending on the fabric I sometimes baste my seams to make sure they don’t move while I’m sewing. Other times I might use my walking foot as well as double-sided tape to keep the stripes aligned.

Simplicity 1463

The first top I made using View A was the orange/coral stripe pictured below. The fabric was purchased from Fabric Mart a while ago.


When I came to sew the shoulder seams I realized that I forgot to match the stripes. The sides were good but the shoulder seams were WAY off. I would never wear it looking like that. Ugh! A wadder in the making. The next day at work I shared my frustration with a co-worker who also sews. She suggested contrast bands to distract from the mismatched stripes. I had nothing to lose since it was not wearable the way it was. I dug out some ponte knit scraps and created insets as well as a contrasting neckband. I am happy with how this turned out.


I cut out the blue/white stripe right after finishing the orange/coral. I was not going to let myself be beat by such a simple project and a rookie mistake. I needed to cleanse my sewing palette with a success.


A few years ago I made View C from the same pattern with stretch lace and jersey.


Simplicity 1463

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6 thoughts on “Simplicity 1463 – Striped Batwing Tops

  1. I love your tops! I am so glad you posted this because I have had this pattern for a long time along with fabric I intended to use for it. When I saw yours, I got mine out and sewed it up. I really appreciate your remarks about the stripes as they were a help to me. Thank you for your inspiration and I love my new top too!

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