Me-Made-May ’17 – Wrap Up

I did it again! I made a commitment to wear at least one me-made item every day for the month of May and succeeded. This was my second year participating in Me-Made-May.

Wearing me-mades every day is not too challenging for me because I make most of my clothes. For this challenge, I like to take the opportunity to dig a little deeper in my closet for something to wear. Purposely choosing and outfit every day made me realize once again that I keep my clothes a long time by most people’s standards. Disposable fashion is not part of my wardrobe.

Below are my me-mades for May 2017. Thanks to my husband, I was able to document all thirty one days of me-mades. Most of these pictures were taken early in the morning before my husband left for his job in Silicon Valley. I often wonder what the neighbors must think as they look out of their windows and see the two of us in photographer/model mode before most people have had their morning coffee. The sunglasses so early in the day were needed because on some days I had not finished my make-up by the time my husband had to leave for work.

Thank you to Zoe at So Zo …What Do You Know? for the getting the challenge going. I look forward to participating again next year.

18 thoughts on “Me-Made-May ’17 – Wrap Up

  1. Thanks for sharing your lovely clothing collection. All of your pieces fit so well and your style is timeless. You inspire me to create my own wardrobe of handmade items.

  2. Kudos to you for defining your style and sewing your own clothes. What a gorgeous May collection! The last article of clothing I made for myself was a skirt in Home Ec (economics) class in middle school.

  3. Just happened upon your post the other day. You are an amazing seamstress and such a classy lady!!!! You are truly an inspiration for all us sewers out there.

  4. Yes, thanks for the inspiration! It is very nice to see all your outfits together like this. I have missed some of these makes, and I will have to check out some of these patterns. Your clothes are always lovely, and why would they be disposable? They are well made, flattering in fit, and timeless. Well done!

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