McCall’s 7543 – Eyelet Off-the-Shoulder Top


I purchased this scalloped-edge eyelet in Granby, QC last Spring while visiting family and friends.  White eyelet screams summer to me. I knew the fabric was going to be an off-the-shoulder top but was not sure which one. The knotted sleeves on McCall’s 7543 caught my attention. I think the sleeves are a super cute detail and something a little different than the standard casing/elastic finish.


I also like the shoulder straps. They look good and hide my bra straps. To make sure my bra straps are covered I chose to wait until I finished the top to sew the straps on by hand. The pattern has you apply the straps to the front prior to forming the casing. While it does create a nice finish it doesn’t allow you to align them to your bra straps. The back straps are sewn by hand so it wasn’t a big stretch to sew the front by hand as well.


My top is 1.25″ longer than the pattern. I lined up the scallop with the bottom of the pattern, omitting the 1.25″ hem. I underlined the front and back with cotton voile.

This was a fast and easy project. The result is a fun top that will be part of my summer adventures.

The pants are Jalie Eleonore’s made last Fall.


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16 thoughts on “McCall’s 7543 – Eyelet Off-the-Shoulder Top

  1. Lovely top Lucy, just the right level of feminity. I love the off the shoulder look, but wouldn’t go without a bra with straps so this is a perfect pattern

  2. I made this top a few weeks ago and have loved wearing it! I didn’t add the straps because I’m okay with a strapless/stickon bra. But yours is adorable! I keep trying to post on PR but I keep getting a message that says my post is in “draft” mode. Go figure. Hope this trend lasts for a while!!

    • Thank you Cissie. I saw your pretty top on Instagram today. Now that I know the top stays up and is comfortable to wear I’m going to make one without the straps. I also hope the trends lasts for a while.

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