McCall’s 7538 – Simple Summer Knit Dress


I can see this quickly becoming one of my favorite summer dresses. It is simple, yet I think the stripes and crossover detail give it a lot of interest.


The pattern caught my attention because it offers so many options; sleeves, neckline, skirt shape, dress or top. And that is without factoring in the fabric possibilities.


To make sure my stripes matched on the sides, I cut out each piece individually rather than layering them. I normally do this when cutting horizontal stripes. I purchased the fabric from Stone Mountain and Daughter in Berkeley. I love that store and wish it were closer to where I live though it’s probably better that it is not 😉

Other than setting the sleeves in flat prior to sewing the side seams, I sewed this according to the pattern instructions. No alterations.


There’s not much to say about this dress. The process of sewing it was uneventful. I am very happy with the finished product which is always a great feeling. After working on a wadder for over a week (I tried so hard to save it), this dress was just what I needed to get me feeling good about sewing again.


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29 thoughts on “McCall’s 7538 – Simple Summer Knit Dress

  1. You look lovely! You should be on the cover of the pattern envelope. I believe you used the bodice of view B with the skirt of view C. Is the fabric a stretch knit as pattern suggests? I started to sew about a year ago and take classes as time permits. I’m short at 4′ 11″ and so I’m interested in making some of my own clothes that fit proportionally. I find it’s not easy to understand the patterns, but I’m not giving up. Sewing has become my favorite pastime. You inspire me! Thank you and God Bless!

  2. Love the striped fabric for this dress! As always you look elegant. Great fit with this pattern. I have this one and had plans to make a top, still do just so many other projects on the list!

  3. Such a pretty dress and a good one to have in the wardrobe for lots of occasions! You chose the perfect fabric! Hard for me to imagine you having a wadder…

    • Thank you Claire for the vote of confidence. Alas, wadders do appear in my sewing room once in a while. Fortunately they are outnumbered by successes.

  4. I’ve got this pattern but not made it, will definitely do so now because I really love yours. The cross over makes it really stylish and flattering. I would imagine getting that is exactly the right place is crucial.

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