Vogue 9184 – Paisley For The 50th Anniversary of The Summer of Love


The de Young Museum in San Francisco currently has an exhibit celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love. I figured my most recent dress in this paisley print would be right in line with the exhibit. More about that later, first things first. Before making the paisley version of Vogue 9184 I made the version pictured below:


I had this fabric in my stash for a few years. I saw a similar dress in a store window and thought of my fabric instantly. I didn’t want to break up the plaid so I omitted the front and back darts. I also cut the collar on the bias just because I thought the plaid would look better on the bias.


Because I chose to line my dress I didn’t need to finish the armscye with bias tape as directed in the pattern.


A few weeks ago I purchased tickets for the Summer of Love Experience at the de Young Museum. The exhibit covers art, fashion, and rock & roll from the years surrounding the legendary summer of 1967 in San Francisco. My Fashion Photographer and I often attend events at the Museum. We have a routine around timing and parking whenever we head out there.  I’m the type of person that likes a plan. Sometimes the best laid plans don’t work out as they are supposed to. It all started with the parking garage being FULL and a stream of cars slowly driving around Golden Gate Park looking for parking.  Forty minutes later we found parking that should have been a twenty minute walk to the museum. I say should have been because that is what it would have been had we not been going around in circles. My former boy scout fashion photographer blamed it on the lack of sun to help him get oriented. I was wearing sandals that are fine for visiting a museum but not fine for hiking around a park.


By now time was moving on and I was getting cranky. Once we figured out where we needed to go, we realized we would not have enough time to enjoy the exhibit before it closed. We also had dinner reservations which we could have cancelled but by then I had a cocktail on my mind.  We chose to forego the exhibit and headed out to dinner at the Presidio, which is where we took pictures of my dress.

For this version I sewed the darts as directed and omitted the collar. I lined the dress for this version as well.


This is a wonderful pattern and I see more dresses in my future. I’ll be on the lookout for fabric to make the longer length with the side slits.


Heading to the bar…


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14 thoughts on “Vogue 9184 – Paisley For The 50th Anniversary of The Summer of Love

  1. That dress looks fab on you, because it showcases your fabulous arms! Great choice, I especially like the paisley one. It would look great is so many fabrics including a lbd.

  2. These both look great! I’m so happy to know about this pattern. Good to see how it looks with and without the waistline darts and with and without the collar. I agree with you on putting the plaid collar on the bias — an attractive design detail. And now that you have the perfect dress for the Summer of Love, I hope you make it back to the museum. I wish I were closer to see it myself! Enjoy!

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