McCall’s 7543 – Madras Off-The-Shoulder Top


A few weeks ago I made a top from McCall’s 7543 in a white eyelet and was every happy with the result. I’ve seen so many cute versions of this top popping up that I decided to make another one. This time I chose the tunic length. I wanted to sew the sleeves with the ties again but I didn’t have enough fabric so I went with the elastic casing.

The fabric is a cotton Madras from Stonemountain and Daughter in Berkeley. When I was cutting out the fabric I was worried that the top might look like a tablecloth.


I shortened the tunic by 1.5″. I am 5″7″ tall and found the original length a little too long for my taste. I like that the curved hem is finished with facings. They give a little extra weight to the hem and create a nice finish.


This tunic is so comfortable. Off-the-shoulder styles can sometimes be finicky to wear but not this one. The top feels secure on my arms and stays in place as I move around.

If you are wanting to sew an off-the-shoulder top and are still debating what pattern to use, I highly recommend this one.


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7 thoughts on “McCall’s 7543 – Madras Off-The-Shoulder Top

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  2. I am so glad that the tablecloth thought didn’t stop you because this is lovely and vibrant, perfect for the height of summer.

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