Vogue 9201 – Bow Tie Dress


I originally purchased this polyester crepe georgette with the intention of making a blouse. The fabric was wider than I thought and I realized I had enough fabric to make a dress. While looking through magazines for inspiration I came across a few dresses with bow ties. I had not made a dress with a bow tie for myself since the 80’s. I was due for one.


The pattern has you press the skirt pleats but I chose to leave them “open”. Besides being difficult to get a “hard press” in polyester georgette, I thought that leaving the pleats unpressed would add to the fluidity of the skirt.

Vogue 9201

The back has soft gathers creating a blouson effect at the waist. The front has princess seams which line up with the pleats in the skirt. I think it all comes together to create a very flattering look. I like that the dress has a side zipper so as to not “break up” the back. I need to remember this when I’m making dresses with a zipper in the back where I would prefer a smoother look. It’s easy to move the zipper to the side if I plan for it during the cutting phase. So often I’m blindly following directions and not thinking ahead.


This style of dress is classic and a great addition to my wardrobe.


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26 thoughts on “Vogue 9201 – Bow Tie Dress

  1. that is really pretty – but oh my that is giving me 80’s flashbacks to my first “career” wardrobe, this dress is really nice on you. But let’s hope the gigantic shoulder pads of that era don’t return πŸ™‚

  2. I love the dress and one wonderful thing about a dress is that you
    never have to search for a top/bottom to go with it! I like this probably
    the best yet. peggy

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