Grainline Studio – Morris Blazer


The Morris Blazer is already proving itself to be a great addition to my wardrobe.  Living on the Central Coast of California requires an assortment of layering pieces in your closet in order to deal with the swings in temperature.  I’ve admitted previously on this blog that I am “layer challenged”. I’ve never been good at layering and am always struggling to add layering pieces to my closet that are versatile enough to wear with jeans or dresses. The Morris Blazer meets that criteria.


My choice of fabric is a medium weight stable knit. The pattern also recommends medium weight woven fabrics with a bit of stretch. The jacket is unlined so choosing a fabric with a enough body to hold its shape is important.


I lengthened the jacket by 1″. I have a long torso and thought the extra length would look better on my 5’7″ frame.

The pattern is well drafted and comes together without any fuss. I was surprised that there is no mention of tacking or sewing the facings on the inside of the jacket. I read reviews online and this was something many sewists complained about. I chose to sew the  facings at the neck by turning the facing under a 1/2″ and hand stitching the facing to the back neck seam. This was enough to keep the facings in place while wearing the jacket. Some sewists chose to stitch the facings to the front of the jacket but I didn’t see a need to do this with my fabric.


I’m glad I added this pattern to my inventory. It’s going to be one of those go-to patterns when I need a simple jacket. It’s also a bonus that I found it to be a quick sew.


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14 thoughts on “Grainline Studio – Morris Blazer

  1. I like the simplicity of this blazer and the way it elevates a casual outfit.
    Question: Does the collar lapel stay put? It seems like it would want to stand up a little or require some tacking.

  2. Love it! The blazer looks fabulous on you and you always do such an impeccable job with the fit and construction of your clothes, it’s so wonderful to see!

    I love reading your blog. 🙂

  3. I haven’t used a Grainline Studio pattern. Did you find it to be well-drafted and sized similarly to the standard “Big 4” patterns? Your jacket looks great on you (of course everything does!) and I think this pattern could go a lot of different ways.

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