Burda Style – 05-2017-111 Cross-Over Bodice Dress


I purchased this stretch suiting at Stonemountain & Daughter in Berkeley, California last year. I’m attracted to plaid fabrics but don’t often buy them because I don’t enjoy sewing plaid. The process of cutting out the fabric takes me FOREVER and I’m nervous the entire time. Once the last piece is cut I heave a sigh of relief.


I looked through my patterns for a dress that would be appropriate for plaid and didn’t have too many pattern pieces. I came up with this dress in the May 2017 Burda Style magazine. I found the style simple and sophisticated.


The pattern is well drafted. The instructions were more detailed than normal for Burda Style. I like that the dress is fully lined.


With this dress I’m officially on my way to sewing fall/winter clothes.


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16 thoughts on “Burda Style – 05-2017-111 Cross-Over Bodice Dress

  1. Lovely dress. I am a perfectionist about plaids (and stripes) matching, so you understand about holding your breath during the cutting out phase. It was worth the effort!

  2. Looks great, Lucy! Rather contemporary style choice for plaid suiting, but it works wonderfully! Lovely layout and matching of your plaid, too!

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