Burda Style 06-2016-101B – Knit Top


I made this top a couple of months ago and  finally got around to taking pictures of it. I’m trying to catch up on my blogging before the end of the year.


This lightweight sweater knit was gifted to me by a dear friend last Christmas. I wanted a simple style that took advantage of the stripes but had a minimal amount of seams to sew because the fabric was challenging to work with. I chose to change the direction of the stripes from the top pictured in the Burda Style magazine because this way I would not have any stripes to match at the seams.

BS 06-2016-101B

I lengthened the top by 1″.  The fabric is “springy” and loosely knit so in order to prevent the sleeves from stretching I used stay tape in the shoulder/upper sleeves seams for stability.


The instructions have you turn and stitch the neckline. I chose to use packaged bias tape. Once again I wanted to add stability. This worked out great. The packaged bias tape did not add any bulk and created a nice finish.



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14 thoughts on “Burda Style 06-2016-101B – Knit Top

  1. Lucy, lovely fabric!!!! I like how you changed the stripe direction as it really works well with how the stripes run in the fabric. I hate trying to match horizontal stripes. Nice combination of fabric and pattern.

  2. It looks great!! You did such a wonderful job and I agree with Bronwyndavid above that your stripe layout is definitely much more flattering! 🙂 Well done!!

    • Thank you Gail. I’m normally a size 34 in Burda Style but the smallest size was 36. Since it was such a simple style with no fitting to it I traced the size 36 and added 3/8″ seams allowances but sewed the top with a 5/8″ seam allowance. I’m happy with the fit.

  3. Your stripe layout is both clever and more flattering. Why would any woman want stripes running horizontally around the body. This way you make it easier and it looks better too. Another success.

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