Burda Style 03-2016-105 – Layered Knit Dress


I purchased this textured knit fabric as a remnant at Tissus mode de l’Orme in Granby, Quebec last summer. I wasn’t sure what it was going to be but I loved the texture and “leather” look to it. When my Mom saw it she said it would make a great dress. My Mom has a knack for matching pattern and fabric so I knew this had to be a dress but what style? It was a sizable remnant so I was not limited in my choice.


I reviewed my Burda Style magazines and found the dress pictured below. I included the line drawing to show the details of the skirt. I sewed a straight skirt instead of using the pattern piece that included pleats in the front. I originally cut the pattern as designed but found the pleats created a unflattering look. The pleats are at the waist so by the time they peek under the top there’s some volume that appears to come from nowhere. Maybe the issue was that my fabric is not as “drapey” as the fabric pictured in the magazine. Regardless, I prefer the skirt without pleats. I like the fitted skirt with the flare of the top.

BS 03-2016-105

BS 03-2016-105drawingThis dress has a fun silhouette. I usually go for something fitted but it’s good to shake things up style-wise sometimes.

The back has an inverted pleat.


This dress was quick to sew. It nearly took me longer to trace the pattern than to sew it up. I have prescription glasses for sewing and now I think I need to tell my ophthalmologist that I need a pair of “Burda Style pattern tracing glasses”. Yikes! It’s getting more and more challenging to trace the patterns in the magazine especially when you have to follow the red line and the pattern piece is highlighted in pink.


I needed a non-sparkly holiday dress and this one turned out exactly as I pictured it.


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24 thoughts on “Burda Style 03-2016-105 – Layered Knit Dress

  1. Wow, this is lovely. Thanks for showing the straight, rather than gathered waist on the skirt. I also made this dress and the extra fabric at the waist was definitely a problem. Your shoes are fab!

  2. What a great outfit! Your choice of fabric gives the outfit a much more definite and stylish silhouette than the slinky blue Burda version. Congratulations!!

  3. I know what you mean about trying new silhouettes, I have to force myself sometimes to do it. This is a total success – great match of fabric and pattern. You look fantastic.

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