Butterick 5954 – Knit Tunic


My first project of 2018 is a knit tunic that has been on my to-sew list for a couple of years. I like to start the sewing year with a simple project that “guarantees” a win. I always hope that it sets the tone for the year ahead.

The pattern was “Best of 2014 and 2015” on Pattern Review.com.


This was a quick and easy pattern to sew.


I used this same lightweight sweater knit for another top last year. The overlapping fronts were perfect for the loose knit. I hand-stitched the fronts along the right edge to keep the front “closed” because the fronts tended to separate when I moved. I added three decorative buttons to the top. I was inspired by some ready-to-wear tops I had seen.


I like the shape of this top and the way it is fitted on top and flares out at the bottom.


I’ve joined the 2018 Ready To Wear Fast organized by Sarah at Goodbye Valentino. Over 1,000 sewists have pledged not to buy any clothes in 2018. I make most of my clothes but there are some pieces such as jeans that I have been nervous about trying. I was going to run out and buy a pair in December but decided to take advantage of the fast to challenge myself to sew the type of clothes I’ve been avoiding. I’m hoping this challenge helps me improve my sewing skills. Here’s to another year of blogging about my sewing projects. I appreciate you reading about my sewing adventures.


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16 thoughts on “Butterick 5954 – Knit Tunic

  1. Great top and great fit on you, as always, Lucy!
    Thanks for the details about hand-sewing the front closed, and the buttons add a very nice tailored detail to a flowy style. The back shot looks particularly nice, showing the detail of your fabric.

    Love your winter camellias!!!

  2. Looking lovely. All of your makes are delicious and suit you to a “T”. Happy sewing adventures in 2018. I’ll be plugging along with my “makes”. All the best.

  3. I really like this top. I wanted to join the “fast” but my sucess rate
    is low and it takes me forever to complete anything, plus I LOVE to
    shop! The “fast” is inspiring though so I will shop less and try harder.
    It doesn’t help that I am nervous about shopping fabrics on line.

  4. This is lovely on you! I know you can conquer any garment that you set your mind to make. I am looking forward to following your adventure!

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