Vogue 9292 – Polka Dot Lace Dress


I was inspired by Vogue Patterns’ summer pattern release. There were so many designs that appealed to me. This dress was the first one that caught my eye. I’m a sucker for a flared dress with princess seams. Both the long and short versions look great.


I’ve had this polka dot lace in my stash for a couple of years. When I saw this pattern I instantly thought of making the long version with the polka dot lace and lining it with the shorter version in poplin.  My initial thought was to buy poplin in the same color as the lace. While shopping for the matching poplin, my husband pointed out that a lighter shade might be nice. He was right, the lighter shade made the polka dots stand out more. He’s not just good at taking pictures, he has a good eye for color as well 😉


The pattern calls for the dickey to be attached to the dress with snaps. I permanently sewed mine on because there’s no way I’m ever going to wear the dress without the dickey.


I sewed both dresses separately and basted the two dresses together at the neckline and armscye. I cut the neck and armscye facings out of the poplin and sewed them to the dress as if both layers were now one dress.


The pattern is well drafted and came together without any issues. I already have fabric set aside to make the shorter version.

You’ve got to love a dress that has some swing to it!


34 thoughts on “Vogue 9292 – Polka Dot Lace Dress

  1. So beautiful!! I just finished making up a dress by Sew House Seven out of 2 sheer fabrics (both would need lining so why not make them together was my thinking) and I drafted an all-in-one facing and just pulled the lining fabric through the arm and voila! it was all done 🙂 I wondered if you could do this for this pattern as well? I love that you made the lacey fabric longer than the lining – wish I’d thought of that 🙂

  2. Sensational! So summery. Thanks for introducing that pattern, it’s perfect for a wedding I am attending and I have the fabric for it!

  3. You look totally amazing in your lovely dress! Great job on the pattern, color and design choices and on sewing it so professionally.

  4. I saw that pattern and didn’t think much about it. But after seeing your dress, I’m definitely going to get it. Your fabric and technique elevated that pattern to abother level.

  5. FANTASTIC job, Lucy! Spectacular dress on you and wonderful interpretation of the pattern. I think this may be my favorite of all the clothes you’ve sewn! Enjoy wearing it!

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