Butterick 6488 – Ruffle Front Blouse


I purchased this fabric from Fabrix in San Francisco last fall with exactly this style of blouse in mind. I knew the drape of the polyester crepe would do well as a ruffle. I don’t sew blouses very often but I like having an assortment of them in my closet to mix ‘n match with skirts or pants for variety.


The pattern is described as semi-fitted. I’m very happy with the fit and I like the sleeve and neckline options offered by the pattern. Polyester crepe is not my favorite fabric to sew but this one behaved fairly well. I use more pins than I normally do to hold everything in place and a size 65 needle to sew the fabric. I sewed French seams throughout because the fabric was somewhat sheer.



It is so satisfying when a project turns out as you pictured it. I had not noticed this pattern when it was introduced. Once I had my fabric and a vision of what I wanted, the pattern jumped out at me.


Here is a picture of the blouse worn outside of my pants.


And here is a picture of the blouse tucked into my skirt. I don’t have much to say about this project besides the fact that it yielded a great blouse for my ever expanding me-made wardrobe.


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26 thoughts on “Butterick 6488 – Ruffle Front Blouse

  1. This blouse is a winner, ESPECIALLY when tucked into your skirt or pants—-which then can flatter your shape.
    Nice review.

  2. Just found you on patternreview.com and followed your insta- love to see other things people are making. This top is gorgeous- can’t wait to see your other makes…off to search the blog a bit 🙂

  3. Lucy,
    That is really nice. The ruffle hangs perfectly. Is it tacked down or just pressed? I am always inspired to make something new after seeing pictures of your projects!

  4. Looks lovely, as usual. Can you tell me the benefit of using the size 65 needle for this project? Thank you

    • Thank you Bernadette. Size 65 needle is also known as size 9. It is a fairly small needle which is preferable when working with lightweight fabrics.

  5. Very elegant and stylish blouse….works well both tucked in and hanging loose. I love the ruffle, it drapes beautifully!

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