Simplicity 1276 – Waiting to Exhale


That’s what it was like taking pictures for this blog post. Let me start by saying that my fabric has enough stretch that I can move (and breathe) in this dress. It’s just that the dress is a nudge more form fitting than I am comfortable with. If I had paid closer attention to the pattern picture I would have noticed this.


My fabric has more stretch than the patterns calls for but the negative ease in this pattern makes for a dress that shows off my curves more than I like. I love the style of this dress but would have preferred it “looser”. As it is, I sewed it with 1/4″ seams once I saw where this was going.


The pattern calls for the dress to be fully lined, which I always like. If I were to sew this pattern again I would sew the lining as one piece instead of using the same pattern pieces as the dress. I don’t like that the seams for the insets show through. I sewed my usual size 8 and besides sewing 1/4″ seams, I added 1″ to the length of the skirt. The dress was not complicated to sew and came together very well.


Though I read a few reviews for this pattern before starting, I went back and read more when I realized how this was going to fit me. I found a blogpost mentioning the fact that this dress fits like a second skin. That pretty much sums it up for me. Though some people feel comfortable in “second skin” clothes, I’m not one of them.


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34 thoughts on “Simplicity 1276 – Waiting to Exhale

  1. Found you through Goodbye Valentino. Nice job on the dress. I’ve noticed all of the Mimi Style patterns appear to be “second skin” and it’s not just that the models on the envelopes are curvy. I believe that’s intentional. If you sew any more you will definitely want to add in ease throughout. Beautifully done!

  2. Lucy, you look great in this. I can appreciate the uncomfortable feeling of such a close fit garment. You have the figure to wear this well and you do.

  3. You always sew so beautifully & this is no exception! What a great look but I do understand that you don’t care for such a close fit! It seems to be the norm these days in so many clothes, but a little bit of ease is so much more flattering! You always look fantastic in whatever you wear, so try to enjoy the dress despite the snugger feel!

  4. Your newest dress looks amazing, and you don’t look too uncomfortable. What type of stretch fabric did you use and do you know what the fiber content is?

  5. You look stunning in that dress. All your sewing are so beautifully constructed. I always look forward to seeing your next project.

  6. Your dress looks lovely and doesn’t look to fitted but I know where you are coming from as I’m not comfortable in second skin fits either and also find them very hot in summer.

  7. Your dress looks stunning! I am with you though on having a looser fit , it always makes me feel more comfortable. Love your shoes too !

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