Vogue 1809 – Good to Sew You Again Old Friend


When a pattern has served you as well as this out of print DKNY Vogue pattern it deserves to be called “friend.” I’ve made this pattern over 20 times in the past 21 years and have never been disappointed.


This time I made view C without the front fish eye darts. I didn’t want to break up the print of this scuba knit. I made this dress once before without the front and back darts and liked the look of it.


For this dress I sewed the back darts. The scuba knit looked better with a little shaping. I added 1 inch to the length.  This is the first time I use a knit for this pattern. The dress is fully lined with swimsuit lining. I often use this when lining knit dresses.


Below is the version I made 3 years ago without the front and back fish eye darts. It turns the dress from a sheath to a shift. I shortened the pattern by 3 inches and added a 4 inch band.


I’m sorry that I don’t have any pictures of most of the dresses I’ve sewn with this pattern. Below are a few pictures of some cotton versions I’ve made.

I modified the neckline on the floral dress below. For the polka dot pique dress pictured below, I cut the pattern in two and added a contrasting band. Fellow sewing blogger Goodbye Valentino recently posted a gorgeous version of View B from this pattern on her blog. The front trim Sarah added is a great detail and beautifully executed.

This pattern sometimes comes up for sale online. If you like this style of dress I highly recommend tracking down the pattern. You will not be disappointed.


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23 thoughts on “Vogue 1809 – Good to Sew You Again Old Friend

  1. Hello! This pattern looks like it had many possibilities. I love the dresses you made.
    Question: I found someone selling this pattern. May I please ask if you could post or send to me the line drawing of the front and back of the pattern? I want to clearly see the darts in the front and back. I already Googled, to no avail.

    • The pattern does offer a lot of possibilities. Unfortunately I can’t help you out with a line drawing as I no longer have the back of the pattern. It disintegrated a while ago. I now keep the pattern in a manila envelope.

  2. Your dress is gorgeous Lucy. I love all the dresses you have made with this pattern.It was interesting to read about the various modifications you have made. Very creative!

  3. all your versions are fantastic, and this one with the bold floral is a great choice. Definitely my type of pattern, there are few DK patterns that I wouldn’t wear. She is my favorite pattern designer that Vogue patterns have had.

  4. I love all your versions, and the oversized flower is stunning. I have tried to track this pattern for ages and have just recently acquired it after a wanted request on Pattern Review. I am now waiting on it winging its way to Scotland from Australia. 🙂

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