Butterick 5950 – Another Summer Knit Dress


Most sewists in the Northern Hemisphere are turning their sewing thoughts towards fall. Not me. I’m still catching up on the summer sewing I had planned for this year. I made View C from Butterick 5950 last fall and have wanted to make View A ever since.


I used an ITY knit that I purchased a couple of years ago from Tissus Mode De L’Orme in Granby, QC while on vacation.


My fashion photographer caught me finding an uncut thread… And now that I see the picture I need to fix one of my seams which is 1/4″ off.


I lengthened the bodice by 1″ and added 1″ to the skirt as well. Someone pointed out that the dress does not sit at my natural waist. I never noticed this until then. I had pulled on the lining to get it nice and flat for the pictures and by doing this I lowered the waistline. Once I move around in the dress the waist gets back in place. This ITY knit is very stretchy.

The pattern calls for a zipper in the back but I omitted it. The dress is easy to get on and off without the zipper. I kept the back seam because it provides some shaping. I also added binding to the back neck and armscye. The pattern simply has you turn and stitch. I prefer to use binding.

I also lined the skirt with swimsuit lining. Below is a picture of me wearing my dress inside out. I only lined the skirt because I didn’t want to mess up the front drape by having the lining interfere with it. I cut out separate skirt pieces from the swimsuit lining and attached them to the skirt prior to sewing it to the top.


This is a simple knit dress with some great lines that create a flattering style.


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14 thoughts on “Butterick 5950 – Another Summer Knit Dress

  1. Lucy, Your dresses all come out beautifully, and this one is no exception. Thank you for your description of your sewing alterations, and the photo of how you used the lining. Very helpful info! BTW, I don’t think anyone would notice the 1/4″ seam issue that you mentioned….but I guess you will know it’s there and it may drive you crazy, lol. The dress looks beyond perfect to me!

  2. Another dress that I love. You do manage to find some gorgeous fabrics. And those shoes are perfect with it!! Thank you for the picture of the lining. I saw it on Joann’s website but they do not deliver to UK. So far the swimsuit lining I have found here said powernet or mesh and I am sure that is not the same. I will keep looking, but in the meantime I found some tricot lining in my stash I got years ago (and had forgotten about)from Nancy’s Notions and I think this might work.

  3. Do you have shoes to match every dress? Stunning again. The pattern drawing seems to put the waist seam at the natural waist line, but you have dropped it below your waist – is there a reason for this? Thanks in advance.

    • I just happen to have these shoes that were bought for an event. I’m glad I get to wear them again. As for the waist, I tugged on the lining to get it all nice and flat and pulled on the waist. I never noticed it in the pictures until you pointed it out. I appreciate you mentioning this because I’ll be careful when I do this in the future. The waist creeps back up when I sit or raise my arms (I tried the dress back on it once I noticed the pictures). I also saw that one of my side seams at the waist is off by 1/4″. Ugh! I’ll be doing a little seam ripping tonight. At least it won’t be a big deal to fix. Thank you for reading my blog and taking the time to comment.

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