Burda Style 12-2017-107 – Knit Dress


Sewing has taken a back burner to Holiday preparations but I still managed to sew up a few projects. This pattern caught my eye in last December’s Burda Style magazine. I’ve always been attracted to this style of dress.


The description of the dress mentions a 3/4 sleeve. I didn’t check before cutting out the sleeve but as you can tell it is longer than a 3/4 sleeve. I omitted the zipper because it was not necessary with my fabric. I found the pattern to be well drafted. One thing to watch for is the deep v-neckline on this dress. I’m not one to run for cover with a camisole but there was no way I could wear this dress without one.

BS 12-2017-117

I like the silhouette of this dress very much.


I chose to line the dress because my fabric is a lightweight jersey. The pattern offers directions for an optional lining.


At this point you wouldn’t think that this dress was problematic in any way.  The pattern was fine, I was the one trying to do too many things at once. I would wait until later in the evening to sew and proceed make the most ridiculous mistakes. Sewing the front bodice was the worst. I don’t know what I did but I had an armscye in the middle front for one of the fronts and the other one was sewn with the wrong side of the fabric showing. I didn’t think I could recover from that because I had used a tiny zigzag stitch and could not tell the black thread from the black fabric. Enter my fashion photographer who has an enormous amount of patience as well as perseverance. He brought his inspection scope into the dining room and proceeded to unpick one stitch at a time.


Once that was done I continued on my way making sure I was in the mood to sew and not too tired. I’m glad the dress was saved because I’m very happy with it.


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32 thoughts on “Burda Style 12-2017-107 – Knit Dress

  1. You have a wonderful husband! Thanks for this funny post, looking at the picture of your husband unpicking your stitches made me laugh a lot !! Sewing does require a lot of equipment !

  2. A beautiful dress as always. You always have that certain “look”. Your husband certainly deserves a special award for unpicking the unpickable. The finished dress was certainly worth it.

  3. Très jolie robe .J’ai cousu moi aussi ce modèle l’an dernier et j’en suis très satisfaite.J’ai montré la photo de votre mari en plein travail au mien pour le consoler d’avoir lui aussi à m’aider pour arrondir les ourlets de mes robes.

  4. What a guy! Not only is he a personal fashion photographer, but a helper in any way necessary. Your dress is lovely, I’m glad he could help you save it.

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