Vogue 1596 -Knit Tunic


As soon as Vogue introduced this tunic pattern I knew I had to make it for the Holidays.


I omitted the front pockets because my fabric was a fairly sheer lightweight knit. I felt the pockets would be a distraction as they would be visible.


This top was not complicated as far as sewing goes BUT I still managed to mess up on the tucks. They are supposed to be pressed toward the center. I pressed them all toward the side seams. At least I was consistent with the front and back.


I loved everything about this pattern except the sleeves. I wanted a sleeve with a little more volume. I chose to add a slip-on cuff. The cuff for this pattern has 3 loops/buttons as closures.


The pattern calls for a tiny chain to link the front together. I thought this was an interesting detail and a modification I’ll probably make on future projects. Instead of purchasing a chain, I chose to string some silver beads from JoAnn’s jewelry findings section.


One more year is coming to an end and another one is about to begin. I want to thank everyone for taking the time to read my blog. I appreciate your comments very much.  Sewing is mostly a solitary activity. Connecting with other sewists and sharing my successes and goofs make it a lot more interesting.

I wish you all a year of good health and much happiness. May you have success in all of your projects, whether they be sewing or something else that brings you joy. Happy 2019!

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28 thoughts on “Vogue 1596 -Knit Tunic

  1. Lucy, your tunic came out beautifully. I don’t think anyone will notice that the tucks are pressed in the wrong direction, and I doubt it matters. The final result looks great! I think the fuller sleeves and slip-on cuffs are wonderful, and the beaded closure is a lovely feature. Happy 2019 to you too! I’m looking forward to seeing your upcoming creations, you are such an inspiration!

  2. Happy New Year to you too! The top is stunning. I especially love the drape, the longer cuffs and the sleeves. The beads are a nice touch. It is always inspiring to see your projects!

  3. Great top and styling—as always! I love that you share your successes and “goofs,” but honestly, I think pleats toward the sides makes more sense! That doesn’t count as a goof!

  4. I love seeing what you make – and you so often choose patterns I’m interested in so thank you ! Happy New Year, Beth

  5. Another stunning outfit on a beautiful person! I especially appreciate your info pertaining to fabric choices for all your projects. That’s where I go wrong. Your descriptions are helping me select the appropriate fabric. Thanks so much for sharing. Happy New Year.

    Rosemary B.

    • Thank you Sharon. I wonder about that as well. I will hand-wash the tunic and I have quite a few extra beads so I should be covered if they need to be changed.

  6. Hi Lucy, I too fell I. Love with this pattern when it came out. I had a beatiful red knit that was perfect for this. I laughed about your mishap with the pleats bc I did some thing similar. The front and back are similar and I almost cut the V when I realized something didn’t seem right. Oh Yes, I was about to put the V in the back…I suppose that could have been interesting. Your blouse looks great. I kept the pockets bc my fabric is thicker but I eliminated the cuffs I thought they were too weighty. I skimmed down the sleeve and just put a button to fold over, if that makes sense. Thanks for all your inspiration.

    • Thank you Anne. I can understand how the V in the back would happen. Glad it didn’t for your sake. I like the change you made to the sleeve. I made a note in the pattern so I remember that if I make it again.

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