Naughty Bobbin Patterns – Presto! Popover Top

double image

I made 3 Presto Popover tops a couple of years ago and wear them regularly. I decided to whip up a couple more to start off the new sewing year. I like to start the New Year with a sewing project that I know will yield good results. I feel it sets the tone for the year and encourages me to keep sewing. The Presto! Popover top is a wonderful wardrobe staple and I feel that you can’t have too many of them. I would tell Marie Kondo that they bring me joy 🙂

The pattern is designed with ITY or similar knits in mind. I purchased this brown ITY knit last summer with the intention of making this top.


For the black version I used a fairly sheer lightweight knit leftover from this project. I chose the Presto Popover pattern because the front has a double layer of fabric. This was perfect for my sheer knit. I wanted to add some interest to the sleeves for this version so I added a flounce using McCall’s 7681. I bought the pattern after seeing my sewing neighbor’s version of the dress. How lucky am I to have a great neighbor who is also a talented sewist?!!!


These two tops officially launch my sewing adventures for 2019. Here’s hoping there are many more pictures of me smiling wearing my me-mades.

13 thoughts on “Naughty Bobbin Patterns – Presto! Popover Top

  1. Your wonderful photos and post inspired me to make the NB popover top pattern this week.
    I must say, this pattern is definitely winner. Now I want to try your sleeve variation with my next attempt. Thanks for your great posts. You’re a class act!

  2. Wow, this looks like a great pattern Lucy. The fit is great-very flattering. I love all of your versions! Thanks for your kind comments about my dress :), I really like the flutter sleeves you added to your top.

  3. I love your tops! This pattern intrigues me. I see that the pattern comes in small, medium and large, is the pattern true to size?

  4. I absolutely agree, this pattern is a winner. Both of your tops look great, and how fun to add a flounce to the sleeves! I used a double layer of fabric in the back in one of my tops and it is perfect for wearing in colder weather.

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