Vogue 8825 – Ponte Knit Dress


Vogue 8825 has been available for a few years. I made my first version of this dress in 2012. I still wear the dress and every once in a while I thought of making a Ponte knit version. Recently I started seeing this dress on Instagram again and I figured it was a good time to dig out my pattern.


The dress is easy to sew. I love the sleeves. I shortened the cuffs by 1″. I also added interfacing to the cuffs. The interfacing helps the cuff support the sleeve as it is quite long.IMG_8042

The Ponte has been in my stash for a few years. I don’t remember where I bought the fabric but it has a wonderful “hand” and I love the color. I was saving it for a “special” project. I’m not sure why I felt the need to do that. It’s better to sew something and actually wear it rather than have the fabric sit in a bin.


This dress will be a good transition piece. I appreciate everyone sharing their versions of this dress on Instagram. It was just what I needed to add another one to my closet. The sewing community is so inspiring.


Below is the dress I made in 2012 from an ITY knit. It was the same fabric that Vogue used to promote the pattern.


Vogue 8825

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16 thoughts on “Vogue 8825 – Ponte Knit Dress

  1. How did I miss commenting on your gorgeous dress?! It is one of my favorites of your recent makes. I like both versions very much, but the pink is really stunning on you. kudos!

  2. How elegant. Beautiful colour. And the sleeves are wonderful – very up-to-the-minute. I think this would be gorgeous as a maxi. Once again, adding this pattern to my “to sew” list, inspired by you.

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