Burda Style 08-2012-130 – Faux Suede Tunic


I ordered this stretch faux suede online a couple of months ago with a different project in mind. Once I received the fabric, I realized it was too lightweight for my original idea. With the fabric now in-hand, I could picture a drapey top of some kind. No particular pattern came to mind, so I spent a couple of hours going through my collection of Burda Style magazines. This tunic jumped out at me as being a good match for the stretch faux suede. The top in the magazine was sewn with jersey.

BS 08-2012-130

The faux suede can nearly be considered double-side as it has texture on the wrong side as well as the right side. This was necessary for the pattern because the wrong side of the fabric is what is visible on the lower overlay once it is “flipped” and continues up the right side. The pattern is also drafted without hems which was perfect for this fabric. The lower front wants to curl up but the back and sleeves don’t and neither do the flounces.


I wore this top to the de Young Museum in San Francisco to see Monet: The Late Years. I can’t go to San Francisco without stopping by Britex. I was looking for trim for a French jacket I’m considering making. Can you tell that Britex is my happy place 🙂


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19 thoughts on “Burda Style 08-2012-130 – Faux Suede Tunic

  1. Your top came out beautifully Lucy. It looks like something from a designer boutique, and the perfect choice to wear to the de Young! As always, I love reading about and seeing your latest creations.

  2. Great use of this fabric, Lucy! And it looks terrific on you.
    p.s. Can you do a museum visit and shopping in your red heels? If yes, lucky you!
    (p.p.s. Monet’s Giverny after a visit to the truly lovely Musee d’Orsay, is memorable, if you get to Paris)

        • I had the opportunity to live in Paris for 3 months a few years ago. Seeing Monet as well as other Impressionists’ paintings at the Musee d’Orsay was an awesome experience. I never made it to Giverny but it’s on the list for next time.

        • Springtime or early summer, if at all possible! It is fun to see Monet’s paintings first, fresh in mind, and then see his grounds that so clearly inspired him. Many travel memories don’t stay with me, but Giverny really has done so.

  3. I love this! I’ve eyed that pattern but wasn’t entirely sure how it worked. Your photos cleared it up! Also, I miss Britex. It’s the best! I grew up going there

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