Jalie 2805 – Basic Knit Tops

Sometimes you have to get back to basics. There’s nothing very exciting about these knit tops. They are simply good basic knit tops to have in my wardrobe.

I bought the polka dot knit (pictured below) last summer while visiting family and friends in Quebec. I thought it would make a nice basic top to wear with my black jeans. I dug out Jalie 2805 because it is my go-to basic t-shirt pattern. I had never made this neckline before and enjoyed the process very much. I was intimidated by it for years but the instructions were great and instilled confidence in me.


While looking for the black contrast in my bin of “leftover” knits, I came across a black knit with enough bits and pieces to make a cap sleeve top from the same pattern. I also found this wonderful Italian printed mesh to use as an overlay. There are all kinds of treasures in my bins of leftovers from previous projects. It’s good to rummage through them once in a while and refresh my memory as to what is in there.


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16 thoughts on “Jalie 2805 – Basic Knit Tops

  1. Great better-than-basic tops. I just purchased my first Jalie pattern today and I’m looking forward to making it. Did you also make your jeans?

  2. I think these are pretty exciting! They are both top notch casual wear that can work for lots of occasions. I love the fabrics and what you did with them.

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