Burda Style 09-2017-122 – Black Crepe Dress


I purchased this black Italian stretch polyester crepe from Mood Fabrics a couple of years ago. I didn’t have a pattern in mind at the time but while going through my Burda Style magazine this dress caught my attention. I made the dress a couple of months ago and finally got around to taking pictures.

BS 09-2017-122

The dress was not difficult to make. The pattern doesn’t call for lining the dress but I chose to do so. The crepe has some stretch to it so I went with a thin black swimsuit lining. I’m happy I chose to do this because the dress is fitted and the stretch is nice to have for ease of wearing. I didn’t want to lose the stretch of the crepe by using a woven lining.


The pattern called for an exposed zipper. I think that adds a nice modern touch to the dress but I chose to go with an invisible zipper. I was going for a more classic look.


This is how I styled the dress for the blog pictures but I’m finding that this dress is very versatile. It looks great with a scarf or longer necklace or with a different style of belt or even without the belt.


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26 thoughts on “Burda Style 09-2017-122 – Black Crepe Dress

  1. Just looked up the pattern online to check availability and you do it more justice than the model on the Burda site. May I ask what size you cut? I’ve tried a Burda pattern but according to my measurements cut a much larger pattern than I needed and got thoroughly discouraged. Seeing this sort of outcome, however, is inspiring!

  2. Lucy, your dress couldn’t fit any better, it really looks like a designer creation. I can imagine how you could accessorize the dress in so many ways, with scarves, belts, or even a statement necklace. It is such a classic style too. Congrats on a beautiful project!

  3. You achieved your aim of a classic look. This is very elegant looking, very nice indeed. I love the little pop of colour from the red belt…. Just Lovely!

  4. Looking good. This dress showcases your excellent posture and body. I don’t know how you manage to walk in those shoes but they look great!

  5. Always find your posts so inspiring. Alas I don’t share your body type, but your fine workmanship is inspiration for all sewing. Many thanks for that!

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