McCall’s 6886 – Again and Again

McCall’s 6886 is always close to the top of my pattern stash. It’s a great pattern to use for prints that need to be showcased. There’s nothing much I can say about this pattern that hasn’t been said. The pattern was launched in 2013 and has been a favorite of sewists ever since. There are over 220 reviews of this pattern on


Both prints were bought at Tissus mode de l’Orme in Granby, QC. This first print is an ITY knit. I always enjoy figuring how best to place the pattern pieces with border or panel prints. There’s one change I normally make to this pattern. I add binding at the neckline to finish the edge. The instructions have you turn the edge and stitch. I prefer to add binding.


The version pictured below is sewn with a mid-weight scuba knit. I lined both dresses with light beige swimsuit lining. The scuba knit didn’t really need it but I like the way a lined dress fits and feels. I lined the dresses by attaching the lining at the neckline prior to sewing the binding. I don’t line the sleeves.

This won’t be the last time McCall’s 6886 makes an appearance in my summer 2019 sewing. I have some beautiful prints that speak for themselves and just need a simple design to make them shine.


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21 thoughts on “McCall’s 6886 – Again and Again

  1. Hi Lucy,
    Lovely dresses! I particularly like the border print on the diagonal: stunning look on you.
    I bought this pattern after the last time you featured it, and it doesn’t come with a bust dart. Do you ever feel the need to add one, even for a knit? Thanks!

  2. Two more amazingly lovely dresses. The border print (right hand photo, then top photo after pattern image) – is the design diagonal across the fabric, or did you have to lay the pattern out to create the diagonal line of the design across your body? In which case, can you cut knits on the bias ie not “follow the grain”? (I know with some knits they stretch more one way than another and with a dress you wouldn’t cut it with the most stretch length-wise as over time you will get an increasingly longer dress….!). Thanks in advance. You are always very helpful.

    • Thank you. The design was diagonal across the fabric. Regarding cutting knits “on the bias”, I have done so many times depending on the stretch of the fabric and the pattern. As long as the stretch is the same in all directions, I’ve never had any issues.

  3. The top dress is one of my favorites you’ve made. It is stunning. The other is pretty darned fine too. I enjoy seeing you in your designs.

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