Jalie 3880 – Bobbie Knit Top


This top is a simple style but has a hidden secret that makes it extra special. The facing is more like a half-camisole that helps prevent any gaping at the neckline when you bend over. Below is the illustration from the pattern that shows the facing.

Jalie 3880

See what I mean, no gaping. The fabric stays against the body.


Another great feature is that my bra does not show through the armscye.


This top was sewn with an ITY knit that was gifted to me last year by a friend. For this version I shortened the pattern by 2″. The top is loose-fitting but tapers down to be fitted at hips.


Since this pattern was such a quick project, I decided to make another. I dove into my bin of leftover knits and found this piece that was leftover from a project that became a wadder. A least something good came out of this fabric. For this version I shortened the pattern by 1″.

When the pattern was first introduced, I thought it was cute but didn’t think I needed to add it to my pattern inventory. The more versions I saw of this top, the more I was convinced that it would hold a special place in my stash. I’m glad I bought the pattern but even more glad that I sewed up a couple of tops. There will be more to come. It’s great on its own or layered.


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6 thoughts on “Jalie 3880 – Bobbie Knit Top

  1. I see you have been a busy bee! These are very comfortable looking tops, but also very chic. The construction with the inner fitted top is very interesting, and I can see how it is really useful in a loose fitting top like this. Both of these tops will be real wardrobe staples, I’m sure. They both look great on you.

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