Burda Style – 04-2018-108 Ruffle Sleeve Seersucker Top


I never paid attention to this pattern when I first saw it in the Burda Style magazine. It didn’t strike me as my style. Recently, while out shopping, I spotted a white cotton top with eyelet ruffled sleeves. I thought it was cute and remembered seeing something similar in a Burda Style magazine.

BS 04-2018-108

The top I saw had an extra eyelet ruffle as well as a plain cotton one so I added another ruffle and made the smaller armscye seam ruffle in eyelet as well. To add the eyelet ruffle to the sleeve I cut the eyelet a little wider than the seersucker ruffle and basted them together. I then treated them as one piece.


The other change I made was to create neckline facings. The pattern calls for cutting some bias strips and using the strips around the neckline. The facings worked well. I understitched them and they stay nicely in place.


I used seersucker leftover from another project. Coincidentally that project was also a mix of seersucker and eyelet. This top was an easy project. I didn’t refer to the pattern instructions. Even the pattern tracing went well. The pattern pieces were simple and few ๐Ÿ™‚


This pattern was not part of my summer to-sew list but I always leave myself open to changes. You never know when inspiration will hit you.


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12 thoughts on “Burda Style – 04-2018-108 Ruffle Sleeve Seersucker Top

  1. What a fun top. It is always nice to use fabric leftover from other projects. It looks great on you! And you tied the bow perfectly! I’d love to see a post on how to do that ๐Ÿ˜‰.

  2. It looks cute and feminine on you! Love (always) seeing what you create. You are so good at visualizing fabric to the correct pattern. Love Love seeing your posts in my email!

  3. This is a great top, Lucy! I saw this in the Burda Style magazine and didn’t think much of it, but Ilove your version! Must take a second look…..great idea to mix eyelet and seersucker!

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