Burda Style 06-2019-112 – “Knotty” Knit Top


Like many other subscribers to Burda Style out there, my June issue was later than usual. I went online to checkout some of the patterns offered in the issue. When I saw this top I decided I would make it as soon as I received the magazine.


I found this medium weight rayon and Lycra ponte knit at Stonemountain and Daughter in Berkeley. I love that fabric store and wish they were closer to our home. Of course I found a few other knits while I was there.

The photo above bothers me because it looks like my knots are not centered on each other, and they are. Also, those are pockets and not panty lines. Ugh!

I didn’t make any modifications to the pattern. The construction was very simple and I barely glanced at the instructions. The pattern was easy to trace which is always a bonus. I love the neckline and the knotted bands in the back. Even the length of the sleeves is great.


A couple of weeks ago we visited family in the Central Valley. My sister-in-law had this sewing themed umbrella waiting for me in the guest room. I think it is so cute.


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11 thoughts on “Burda Style 06-2019-112 – “Knotty” Knit Top

  1. Hi Lucy, Just checking in! You are being very productive! So nice to see your summer style. Everything looks amazing. –Cindy

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