Burda Style 08-2018-118 – ITY Knit Top


I’m continuing on my sewing journey to add casual knit tops to my wardrobe in preparation for our vacation next year. They are lightweight, travel well and are easy to layer.

BS 08-2018-118

I bought this ITY knit while on vacation in Granby, QC last February. The print is a series of tiny squares with teeny flowers in them. I thought it would be fun for a simple top. In my opinion the single crossover panel added just enough interest. I like the shape of the neckline. The V-neck is wide but stays nicely in place due to the fit of the top.


You can’t tell with this print but the front overlaps slightly towards the back over the shoulder seams (see line drawing above). It’s a nice detail that would show up in a solid knit.M_L02973

The only change I made to this pattern was to shorten the top by 1.5 inches. I’m 5’7″ and don’t normally have to shorten tops. There were very few pattern pieces to trace and the top was an easy project. The pattern was featured in the “Sewing Lesson” section of Burda Style magazine so it had detailed directions. This would be a good first project for someone who had never sewn from the magazine.


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8 thoughts on “Burda Style 08-2018-118 – ITY Knit Top

  1. I love this top, Lucy! It’s a pattern that’s been on my to do list and your version has moved it up in the queue, perfect fabric choice too!!

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