McCall’s 6696 – Pinstripe Shirtdress


My most recent project as a Minerva Maker is this shirtdress sewn with a beautiful   Lady McElroy pinstripe medium weight cotton. The pinstripe is multi-colored in red, blue and yellow. The colors are subtle but enough to add interest.


I’ve made View A (sleeveless) in the past so I didn’t bother reading reviews of this pattern. I ran into trouble when it came time to insert the sleeves. There was a considerable amount of ease in the sleeve cap. I went back to read reviews and I found one reviewer who mentioned having issues with this as well. I didn’t have enough fabric to re-cut the sleeves so I had to make do because I wanted to stick with the long sleeved version. It took me 4 hours to get the sleeves sewn. It’s not my best work but it’ll have to do.


Besides the issue with the sleeves, the dress came together well. The pattern calls for gathering the back at the yoke and waist. I followed the patterns instructions for my previous two dresses but this fabric was too thick/stiff to allow for the amount of gathering called for by the pattern. I decided to sew an inverted pleat instead. I’m happy with the result. I also narrowed the collar by using a collar from a shirt pattern I like. I made this change on my previous versions of this pattern as well.


I’m glad to have added another shirtdress to my closet. They are timeless and versatile.


My two previous dresses from this pattern:

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22 thoughts on “McCall’s 6696 – Pinstripe Shirtdress

    • I don’t know what pattern it was. I found a collar I liked years ago and traced it. I now use that to determine the size of the collar when I’m cutting.

  1. I love all your versions of this pattern, but this one may be my favorite. It looks great with boots and the 3/4 sleeves (all that fiddling really paid off). Another winner Lucy!

  2. You did a fantastic job. A very nice dress and you will get so much wear out of it. The sleeve looks good so your 4 hours were worth it. I wonder how 3 very small pleats/tucks at shoulder would look, especially with your inverted pleat In the back which looks much better than gathers to me.

  3. Fabulous dress and suits you so well. Thanks for the heads up on the sleeves, though I think the time you spent on them was worth it, and I do like the inverted pleat.

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